Free Flights with your Frequent Cebu Pacific Bookings

Free Flights with your Frequent Cebu Pacific Bookings

Kabayan, are you a frequent Cebu Pacific flier? If your answer is “yes” then you should know that you can get free flights. How? By being a member of the airline’s Get Go Rewards program. Registered members will earn points every time they fly with CebuPac which can be used to book free flights. Every P5.00 spent with flights equals 1 Get Go point. The usual Dubai-Manila round-trip tickets cost around P15,000. That it equivalent to 3000 Get Go points. After your 3rd flight to Manila, you can already get round-trip tickets to a domestic destination in the Philippines.

Nice right? You can earn free flights too by joining  and creating an account with Get Go  Rewards. There is a one time membership fee of P150. But it’s worth it because the points that you will get will never expire. After joining, you will have a 10-digit account number which you need to enter on your future flights.

How to accumulate more points

Earn more points quickly by designating a single account for every your family member’s flight bookings. However, if two or more of your family members already have an existing account, you can create an “earning circle” instead. It is a pool wherein members can share and transfer their existing points so that everyone in the circle can benefit from the accumulated points.

I highly advise all kabayans who fly frequently with Cebu Pacific to take advantage of this rewards program. We work hard here in the UAE, so let us make the most out of the money that we spend. The free flights that we get can be a really big help, especially for those kabayans who live in Visayas and Mindanao and have to take a connecting flight from Manila. The savings from the free flights can otherwise be spent on other meaningful things that you want to do with your family in the Philippines.

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